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Alberta Real Property Report

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If you are selling a home, you may require a new or updated RPR.

A Real Property Report is a survey plan and report indicating the locations of property features (house, shed, fences, etc.) in relation to property lines. The plan shows what the purchaser is buying and reveals any easements, encroachments or other encumbrances. The RPR is typically used for real estate transactions and mortgages as it provides a clear picture of the subject property that would reveal any encroachment issues.

The Real Property Report will need to be submitted and reviewed by the local municipality for compliance with the local bylaws and obtain either a letter or stamp of compliance.  Based in Okotoks, AB, Absolute Surveys can make the application for compliance on your behalf and speed up your buying/selling process.

It is important to have your RPR completed early in the listing process.  Any items that are identified as being non-compliant with the property will need to be resolved, a sale can be negatively affected when non-compliant issues have been identified near the time of closing.

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